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September 2009



Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces Ever Sold

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They may be described as “priceless” but these jewels fetch a hefty sum. If you have a couple million or so laying around you could be the next person to set the record for buying the most expensive jewelry in the world. While many jewels have been designed for prices that make your bank account quiver, they often sit in showrooms or museums without bidders.

Some of these jewels have broken records, with the highest bidders making history. Surprisingly, they are small enough to be set in rings, necklaces and earrings or carried in your pocket.  As the saying goes, size isn’t everything and it’s the clarity, color, absence of flaws or number of functions (as in timepieces) that gives these gems their value.

The prize for the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction goes to the Wittelsbach diamond purchased December 11, 2008 for 24.3 million dollars. The prior record was set at an impressive $16.5 million but the rich heritage of the Wittelsbach proved to be a collectors dream and drove the price up to a new high. The Wittelsbach’s history dates back as far as the 17th century and has 300 years of royal ownership, including being part of the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels. It went into private collection in the 1960s and when it went up for auction it created a frenzy and sold for an unheard of sum in the jewelry market.

Wittelsbach Diamond

Setting the record for the most expensive piece of jewelry per carat sold at auction is the blue diamond ring. Breaking the bank at 9.49 million dollars and weighing 7.03 carats this beauty of a gem was cut from a piece of stone found in South Africa and is internally flawless. There’s a scarcity of blue diamonds in the world and it’s the rare hue that adds to this rocks value. It’s smaller than a dime, shaped like a cushion and set in a platinum. An anonymous bidder is the proud owner of this rock and gets to name this show-stopper.

Most Expensive Blue Diamond Ring

The most expensive watch ever sold went for a cool $11 million dollars in 1999. This yellow gold pocket watch took 4 years to make and is called by the impressive name Supercomplication. It was designed and created by Patek Phillipe in 1939 for a New York banker who was in a competition with a pal to commission a watch with the most functions in the the world. This timepiece won the bet and soared into the history books as the most expensive ticker ever bought.

Henry Graves Supercomplication Pocket Watch

Rubies are also high in value with the most expensive being purchased in 2006 for a staggering 3.5 million dollars. It was 8.62 carats, set in a Bulgari ring and colored in a highly desired “pigeon’s-blood red”, which is a deep red color with a hint of blue. The exceptionally rare color and carat weight made this sparkler a record breaker. It’s rumored that after auction this gem was sold to the Sultan of Brunei and presented to one of his wives as a gift.

Most Expensive Ruby Ring Set in Bulgari

While you and I may never be able to afford such precious jewels, and it’s more than we may make in a lifetime, there is something about the rare specialness of these gem that make them collectible, unique and worthy of spending millions. And finally, for something more affordable, please visit Brand Name & Jewelry Auctions – Live.

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